Javier Aparicio

Javier is our recent new Spanish trainer. He has been a Padel trainer in Toledo and Valencia for 7+ years. He discovered padel when he was very young, due to his father, that played in the early 2000s. He started playing in 2012  and competed provincially in Spain. It has been his passion to develop his own padel skills and players in this sport. From leading competitive youth teams to recreational players!
  • Role: Trainer
  • Active in: Rotterdam
  • Nationality: spain
  • Date of Birth: 02-12-1995
  • Height: 1,83
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Left/Right-handed: right
  • Playing Side: left
  • Discovered Padel: 2013
  • Prefers to have breakfast with: Friends
  • What do you dislike: unpunctuality
  • Prefers listening to: Music and postcasts
  • Enjoys reading books about: Sport related books
  • Favorite series: Prision break
  • Favorite movie: Transporter
  • Favorite quote: “Your mind is your greatest asset, use it well”


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