Guille discovered padel almost 15 years ago because hes dad used to be a coach. He used to watch him play and give lessons and always found it very fun. It wasn’t until he was around 7 years old however, that he gripped his first padel racket. He began receiving lessons from his dad at that age and it has been one of his passions since then.

  • Role: Trainer
  • Active in: Rotterdam
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Date of Birth: 26/10/2005
  • Height: 1.81
  • Languages: Spanish, english, some german and a bit of french
  • Left/Right-handed: Right-handed
  • Playing Side: Left
  • Discovered Padel: When I was very young my dad introduced me to the sport and not too long after, he started giving me my first lessons
  • Prefers to have breakfast with: Milk and cereals
  • What do you dislike: Wasps and Tabaco
  • Prefers listening to: From Rap to electronic music, house or even jazz)
  • Enjoys reading books about: murder mystery’s and detective stories.
  • Favorite series: True Detective
  • Favorite movie: There Will Be Blood
  • Favorite quote: “Choose life”


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