Alex Santaella

The adventure starts in 2023, where we meet Alex in Malaga Spain during our trip with the other trainers! He followed the sports education and padel education in Spain and has a lot of passion for padel. With his excitement for traveling he is since May with us!
  • Rol: trainer
  • Give lessons on: Monday t/m Saturday
  • Is active in region: Rotterdam
  • Nationality:  Spanish
  • Date of birth: 29-04-2001
  • Length: 172 cm
  • Languages: English en Spanish
  • Left/right- handed: right
  • Favorite side to play on: left
  • Padel discovered: at the age of 13 years old because his father played padel
  • Likes breakfast the most with: chocolate milk
  • Dislikes what: spinach
  • Favorite music to listen: American pop/trap
  • Like to read these books: Adventure
  • Favorite serie: Vikings
  • Favorite film: Lord of the rings
  • Favorite quote: ”Invictus”


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